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Discover the protective covers for car seats, strollers and sleighs
the warmest, safest and most comfortable in the world.

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Our priorities are the safety, warmth and comfort of babies and children. Petit Coulou products make life easy for active families. Our covers are tested for thermal protection and UV rays. We use high quality raw materials that meet the safety requirements for baby and children’s products. Petit Coulou is a North American company that oversees Petit Coulou covers.

Baby safety’s at the heart of our priorities

Petit Coulou winter car seat cover is laboratory tested to make sure it remains warm up to an outside temperature of -25˚C.

Allows the parent to adjust the baby car seat harnesses safely, meeting established child safety standards.

I think it’s the object that has served us the most, it’s a genius idea! When I look at the other moms who have to swaddle their little ones in a million onion peels and I just take my little one, add some slippers, a hat, a sweater and a blanket and put it in what my boyfriend and I call his igloo or his cabin, I feel pretty lucky to have it! Moreover, my little one loves her Petit Coulou, she falls asleep easily and when we go out to dinner for example and she is tired, we put her in without necessarily closing it and she is all happy! We are very grateful to Le Petit Coulou for making life easier for us as young parents!

Florence K - Montréal

Easy, fast, our daughter stays comfortable and warm, even when we practice our outdoor family activities. At last something has been thought of to make life easier for parents AND babies! We have experienced the ordeal of the snowsuit with our oldest... we wish all future parents to know rather the joys of the Petit Coulou!

La famille Aubry - Trois-Rivières, Québec

Hello, I was wondering who created this superbe object! Honestly, I thank you for this beautiful invention. I received a Petit Coulou as a gift when I gave birth to my first baby in December 2007 and I loved it. I have never experienced (and I am very happy about) this famous crisis of tears that I had heard so much about. It was so easy to get ready to go out...a real little charm. I am expecting a 2nd baby in June and I am delighted to learn that you now have a Petit Coulou mid-season (spring/fall). You can be sure that this will be the first thing on my list of gift suggestions. Once again, thank you!!!!!

Sylvie, une Maman très satisfaite!

Innovative and patented designs

Petit Coulou car seat covers are the only covers for babies and young children on the market with structural support to prevent the cover from touching the baby while giving him freedom of movement.

The mid-season car seat cover stays warm until -0˚C. Summer covers (car seat and stroller) protect your children from UV rays, mosquitoes, rain and wind. Check out the product features for more information.


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